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Fivetran Introduces Breakthrough for Database Replication

Fivetran has acquired a new technology for database replication that offers the completeness of snapshots while approaching the speed of log-based systems. For our users, this means better, faster syncing through technology proprietary to Fivetran. Based on new data science insights, the approach gives Fivetran customers another option for replicating data when traditional log-based methods aren’t feasible or appropriate.

One of the main challenges data teams face as they transfer data from a source location to a warehouse is the need to track changes and ensure data quality and consistency. This is increasingly difficult because source data is changing at an accelerating rate.

The current solutions have some nontrivial drawbacks. Snapshots, which essentially take a picture of the data from one static point in time, are accurate and easy to perform but also slow and unable to operate in near real time. Log-based change data capture solutions perform well providing near real-time updates, but may be complex to configure and difficult to maintain.

We acquired Teleport Data because its technology extends our existing replication capabilities. With Fivetran Teleport Sync, businesses now have an additional option for database replication that offers the simplicity of snapshots while being nearly as fast as log-based approaches. It is also less intrusive than current log-based solutions.

Until now, data teams looking for high performance replication needed to use a database bin to ship database changes to another target system. This method has proven hard for users to configure, requires specialized security access, and is error-prone. Fivetran Teleport Sync avoids these challenges completely by moving only the changed data — without requiring bin log access.

Additional benefits of Teleport Sync include:

  • Less database overhead typically associated with logs, timestamp columns to indicate changes, and primary keys on illogical tables
  • A code-free method to set up historical analysis — Teleport Sync captures all data without highly customized scripts
  • Improvement on throughput without needing network engineers or extra/load query analysis

Bob Muglia, former Microsoft President and Snowflake CEO, describes our new offering this way:

Teleport Data is another example of Fivetran’s ability to singularly address the challenges enterprises now face as they undergo digital transformations, where speed is a core requirement in accessing, analyzing and deploying the latest data. Fivetran is once again showing itself to be the ELT leader, innovating so that customers of all sizes have access to actionable data at any time.

We’ve prioritized the development and acquisition of new replication technologies because we want to make sure Fivetran is the most robust and easy-to-use data pipeline solution in the market. Our mission is to make access to data as simple and reliable as electricity, and we can’t get there without a serious commitment to innovation.

For additional details on Fivetran Teleport Sync, as well as availability updates, keep an eye on the Fivetran blog.