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How to be Data Driven When the Data Isn't There


  • David Cohen, VP Data Analytics @ WW International
  • Rashmi Agrawal, BI & Analytic Solutions Leader @ Oldcastle APG
  • Paul Hardmon, Senior Director, Data Operations @ Arlo Technologies
  • Kelly Kohlleffel, VP GTM @ Hashmap

Join this special session with data leaders from Arlo, Oldcastle, WW International, and Hashmap as they tackle the challenges of being data-driven when your data is –– well –– limited. The panel will drive through key questions on what data is most critical to generate business value, and delve into critical questions on how to lead a data-driven culture, including: What does being data-driven really mean to those in the trenches?; Critical tips to get access to data sets quickly - and with minimal headaches; The most important challenges organizations need to overcome to pull insights from your company data.