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Amplify Customer Success Through Data-Driven Insights

SaaS companies operate in some of the most competitive environments and gaining an edge over competition comes down not only to having a great product but ensuring Customer Success through exceptional customer support and problem solving.

The foundation for efficient customer success nowadays is driven by trustworthy and timely data at the fingertips of your customer success and customer support teams. Ranging from product usage data, active users, support tickets in Jira and other data your success teams are able to keep a pulse on the health of the accounts they manage and ensure customer success and satisfaction.

On this live demo we showcase the modern data stack with Fivetran, BigQuery and Looker, and how greenfield and mature SaaS companies can go from disparate data sources into actionable customer insights and drive customer success.

What we’ll be covering:

  • How to automatically integrate Jira, Zendesk and Salesforce data using Fivetran
  • Leveraging BigQuery’s compute and storage capacity for real-time analytics
  • Creating a single-governed source of data truth in Looker
  • Leverage out-of-the-box models in Looker and allow for teams in Customer Success, Product and Sales to get trustworthy data insights in no time