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Data Analyst Appreciation Day 2020

Watch and listen as Fivetran and our co-sponsors, Google Cloud, Looker, Databricks, Archetype, Snowflake and Sisu as we honor data analysts all over the world.

The online event included:

  • A presentation on the State of Data Analysts survey results
  • Five presentations from data analysts
  • Awards voted on by the data analysis community
  • Data Analyst Appreciation Day swag - shipped straight to your door!

Featured speakers included:

  • Erik Jones, Director of Product, Analytics and Strategic Planning at New Relic
  • Prolet Miteva, Senior Product Manager at Autodesk
  • Julia Milgrom, Head of Global Healthcare Services Data and Digital Analytics at Biogen
  • Matt Michaelson, Sr. Data Analyst at PTC
  • Matt Bielik, Senior Director, Insights & Analytics at Archetype Consulting