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Fivetran Now Deploys on Microsoft Azure

Fivetran customers on Microsoft Azure have long requested the ability to deploy our services on their cloud platform of choice. Today, we're thrilled to announce that Fivetran now deploys on Azure, so they can keep leveraging our automated data pipelines while remaining within the Azure cloud and meeting relevant security and compliance requirements.

Our customers currently use Fivetran to connect to over a dozen popular Microsoft and Azure data sources, as well as Azure Synapse. Now we’ve deepened our collaboration with Microsoft to deliver an even more powerful experience for joint customers like Paul Hewitt and Hyper Hippo Productions. Those customers can remain within Azure for all of their cloud services, minimizing egress and ingress costs and alleviating compliance and security concerns.

As Rohan Kumar, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Azure Data, explains:

As enterprises choose Azure for their data platform, this integration with Fivetran will allow customers to deploy Fivetran data integration services within Azure — particularly with Azure Synapse. We look forward to this continued collaboration between Azure and Fivetran that will accelerate any organization’s ability to transform data into actionable insights.

What Deploying Fivetran on Azure Means for You

Customers are already experiencing the power of Fivetran on Azure in private preview. Jan-Niklas Mühlenbrock, Head of Data and Analytics at Paul Hewitt, explains the value of the new offering for his company:

Fivetran on Azure is really great news for Paul Hewitt. We are heavily invested in several Azure services such as Functions, Data Factory, Databricks and Data Lake Gen2. With the new native integration of Fivetran and Azure, we expect even higher speeds for our data pipelines, along with improved reliability and enhanced security. This will make it even easier for new users of Fivetran with existing Azure infrastructure to integrate and utilize their data.

The new offering also brings several other benefits to the virtual table:

IT requirements and policy adherence

If you’re an Azure shop, you can now easily meet the requirements of your IT, security, procurement and legal teams. Additionally, you can adhere to rigorous regional data residency requirements with Fivetran automating your data pipelines. Your data will remain secure and be processed entirely within Azure.

Lower costs

Operating Fivetran in the same cloud region you already use gives you control over the egress and ingress that comes with moving data, allowing you to significantly reduce costs.

Security and compliance

Fivetran is committed to keeping you and your data safe. We adhere to industry-leading standards while connecting, replicating and loading data from all your data sources. With Fivetran on Azure, you get the vast security capabilities and compliance certifications we provide, along with security and compliance from Microsoft. This includes:

  • ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type II. Annual certifications validating Fivetran global security processes and capabilities.
  • HIPAA. Fivetran will sign a business associate agreement (BAA) with customers who are subject to HIPAA mandates.

Additionally, Azure customers may be eligible for early access to our Business Critical offering, which is designed to support the needs of enterprises with highly sensitive data. Business Critical features include:

  • Azure Private Link. Keep data within Azure and avoid sending traffic over the public internet.
  • Customer-managed encryption keys. Complete control over, and visibility into, every individual accessing data, with the ability to revert access at any time.
  • PCI DSS Level 1 validation. Connect Fivetran to systems within your PCI boundary.

Flexibility for multi-cloud adoption

Your organization might operate on multiple public clouds, and if it does, you’re in luck: Azure offers secure, future-ready multi-cloud solutions. Fivetran can orchestrate data between clouds while still being managed from a single console.

Ready to Explore Fivetran on Azure?

We’re excited to offer exclusive early access to Fivetran on Azure for current Azure customers. Sign up to get in touch with our team about the offering.